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Lap for endometriosis. Results

Hey just thought I would write an update after my surgery. I am currently laid up recovering as I had my laparoscopy yesterday. All the doctors/gynos etc I have seen during trying to get a diagnosis for my pain all pointed to endometriosis and they were almost 100% that was what I had. Well I had the lap turns out theres no endometriosis at all and I had some adhesions in my abdomen area and they discovered I have polycystic ovaries ... I'm glad they found a reason for the pain as my worst fear was them finding nothing and thinking it was all in my head. But there you go I was positive it would be endometriosis and now need to research about polycystic ovaries. But for anyone worrying the lap wasn't bad. Home a few hours later. Got some discomfort but that's expected. :)

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Hi - if you have never had pelvic surgery before, or a pelvic infection, it would be unusual to have adhesions. Can I just check that this confirmation of no endo was by biopsy? Even the best of specialists are not always able to identify or rule out endo without a microscope. Many women start their endo journey like this. So just be sure to check the biopsy results - they should be sent to your GP. Get a copy of both that report and the one from surgery. Be vigilant as to any symptoms you have that are suggestive of endo and keep a diary. Basically you need to be a few steps ahead and trust your instincts. Click on my username and have a look at my posts x.

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hey I had my appendix removed about 3 years ago so have had surgery before and went back to work far too early with that causing more pain after I thought I was healing so it is possible as I've had on off pain with that when moving and stretching when my appendix was. I don't believe it is from biopsy but I think I would love for it not to be endometriosis so I'm crossing my fingers with that one. Awaiting a follow up app. thanks for your reply x


I'm with you. My first lap showed nothing regardless of my pain. But they never did biopsies. I was still in severe near daily pain for 5 more years before I was finally diagnosed with stage 3 endo. I bet it was microscopic at the time of the first lap. :/

Also, aren't adhesions mostly caused from endo bleeding all the time??


Hi - adhesions are scar tissue after some sort of tissue damage. So you can get these after any operation too. With endo its an attempt to heal the inflammation caused by the bleeding, with surgery it is the body's natural healing process. But I would expect a skilled surgeon/endo expert to know the difference and check any scar tissue for microscopic endo in a patient suspected of it. Sadly as you have experienced this is not always the case when a lap is done by a general gynae.


This is what happened to me too! Glad it's not endo for you hun xx


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