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Decapeptyl and breakthrough bleeding :(

Hi Girls,

As the title suggest i've been on Decapeptyl monthly injections for 5 months and am having terrible problems with breakthrough bleeding. In month 1 i had a normal period, in month 2 i had a very light period, month 3 i had no bleeding, month 4 i had spotting for 5 days before my injection was due, and now in month 5 i am due my injection tomorrow but have been spotting for 2 days and am now getting the mild cramping i usually get before a period is due.

My consultant told me i shouldn't have any bleeding while i'm on the injections and it normally takes up to 3 months for periods to return after the injections but im sure if i did not get the injection tomorrow my period would arrive within the next few days so I phoned my consultant today and said something has to be wrong and im not sure if i should get another injection tomorrow if they are obviously not working properly so im waiting on him phoning me back.

Has anyone else ever experienced breakthrough bleeding with these jags?, i'm beginning to wonder if they are strong enough for me because i have been having the spotting plus ovarian twinges every month making me think my ovaries aren't as dormant as they should be.

My consultant has said that after the initial 6 month course he wanted me to stay on them for a further 6 months (12 months in total) but with HRT ad back next time but i think ill tell him i don't mind staying on gnrh injections but i would rather try a different one next time but what is my best option?, prostap maybe?.



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Hi Tracey - I have just had a look through your posts and see that you have stage 4 endo and prior to this treatment your consulant was pushing for a hysterectomy. These meds are not usually terribly successful for severe endo so before you let them give it for another 6 months can I check whether you are being dealt with by an endo specialst centre as you should be with your stage of endo. Hysterectomy would only be a potential benefit if all your endo was properly excised first which doesn't seem to have been done. If you're not sure private message me the name of hospital and consultant.

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Hi Tracy...just read ur post there...how have u been since??....ru still on injections. ..I'm taking decaceptyl injections monthly with add back ...had a laparoscopy in Oct to remove two chocolate cysts and have grade four endometriosis so the treatment dey started me was dececptyl injections for six months...I'm seeing a specialist end of month...I'm just wondering are dey working as I'm d first month I got a v.heavy period and now on d second month and have breakthrough bleeding. ..does tis mean Der not workn and if there not does anyone no way will be d treatment then....??? Thanks.any info.wud b great


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