Hi ladies, does anyone else on here suffer with severe constipation and take laxido? I have suffered with my bowels for years but found out a month ago that my right ovary is fused to my bowel. I take laxido on a daily basis but this causes me to have diarrhoea, I always thought that bowel issues came from the left bowel not the right, does any body or has any body had issues similar to this? Many thanks Heidi xx 😐

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  • Hi hun.

    I take laxido I take 8 sachets a day because I'm always constipated, I'm waiting for a colonoscopy for them to look at my bowel because had been diagnosed IBS but I feel it's something I I feel like something is blocked because I never feel like my bowel is completely empty.

    I can't go without taking laxido anymore. Xx

  • Hiya thanks for the reply, I'm the same if I don't take laxido I look like I'm 6 months pregnant and feel it too, I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy last year but it was clear and I may have to have a colonoscopy now as I'm under an Endo specialist. I am the same as you I never feel like I'm emptying and also feel like I don't digest properly xx

  • Yes I'm the same with digestion I get reflux and bloat after only eating a small amount,it gives me stomach ache. I hope they get to bottom of it (sorry lol) because it causes such pain. Do you take probiotic as they have helped me a bit xx

  • Hiya no I don't, do you mean the yoghurts? I do take colpermine peppermint oil though and the help but your only supposed to take them for 2 weeks at a time xx

  • No not the yoghurts you actually dont get a lot of probiotic in those yoghurts.

    I take them in capsules for the ones I take bu Pharma Nord they are called bio culture You take 1 3 times a day it's worth trying xx

  • Oh I've never heard of them, where do you get them from I'll try them? Xx thankyou

  • Pharma Nord Bio Culture 60 Capsules

    I got mine from amazzon and they are helping hope it helps you xx

  • I find I need fybogel to bulk and laxido to soften and like move it along. Lax I do alone ends up with my BMs too loose.

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