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So I had my second lap like 3 months ago now and had a coil fitted, ever since then I've been getting crazy bad cramps. I got put on the cerrelle pill as well to stop the bleeding but even though that's stopped I've still been getting really bad cramps. I've been to the post-op appointment and they've booked me in a scan. Has anyone else had this problem? And is it worth sticking with it?

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Hi hun.

The Mirena is a hate it or love it thing.

I personally had a bad experience with it. It caused me no End of problems.

They told me that it would take up to 6 months to settle and I would have spotting during that time, I however bled heavily and constantly.

I also gained weight , had bad pelvic and back pain, acne and generally fatigued.

But there are people who say it is great they don't have any period pain and it stops the bleeding.

I think it's a case of working out if the Mirena is working for you hun.

I hope it gets better soon xx


Hi i agree with mummy 1982

i had lots of problems ended up having it removed as it caused cysts , bleeding mini pill did not stop it, pain back and tummy and weight gain . I asked for it yo be removed as could not handel it any more after 5 months

Hope you have a scan soon and they get it sorted you know your own body so tell them how you are feeking and what you want .

I ended up in tears talking to them beca use they would not take it out . They agreed in the end and then i had hysterectomy which was my choice .xxxx



I'm only a month in from lap, endo treatment & coil being fitted. Since then bleeding has been constant & pain is getting worse, at the moment im close to tears with the cramp & pain, ibuprofen & paracetamol takes the edge off. Dreading another night shift at work & trying to hide the pain & misery (folk just accuse me of being moody with pmt)! I'll persevere for as long as I can but the pains starting to affect me at work. Sorry I can't give you advice, but I hope you get some relief soon!


I get the really painful cramps too - regardless of whether I'm bleeding or not (as the Mirena has lessened that a lot for me now). It's weird and unsettling as I don't know why I'm cramping as I always associated it with heavy bleeding/my period.


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