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Is it possible for endometriosis to return with a mirena?

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Hello, I was just wondering if it was possible that endo can return even with a mirena and the pill? Everything was great until January and slowly, now everyday I am back in the same pain.

Thankyou in advance xxx

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Yes it is possible... you may just be having a bad flare. Ive been on 7 different pills and none of them seem to settle mine. I am currently on zoladex and its worked wonders for me.. x

Yes sadly it is. It slows it down but mine came back and Im like you I have pill and Mirena. I am perimenopausal now so I am hoping things will ease. I take two Micronor with the Mirena otherwise I still bleed heavy. Hope yours settles. Ibuprofen was prescribed to settle mine but it hurts my stomach. Cant win! Xxx

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Hi Ppdotter

I saw your comment about ibuprofen hurting your stomach. It did this to me too and that with paracetamol were the only things that I could use to stop my pain. I had to put up with stomach pains or horrendous period pains. I went to my doctor and asked for Lansoprazole to protect my stomach. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made. I don't dread TOM quite as much now as I know I can at least get some relief. Not sure if you have tried this but thought I would drop you a line just in case.


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Hiya thanks for your reply. I am now also on Lansoprazole 30 mg as the upper chest and tum pains were keeping me awake at night. I still have the odd attack but overall much better. Hope this helps you to cope. I also take co dydramol as I suffer bad migraine and find these very good. Good luck with things xx

Hi, I am interested to know about this, too.

I know everyone is different but how long mirena worked for you all?

Thank you!

Hi there I have had the mirena for a number of years and it had been brilliant. I was very unsure at first but I have no periods , pain has eased. Unfortunately the last month my symptoms have returned along with my bladder problems so think it may have affected my bladder so may not be an option for me anymore x

Thankyou for all the replies!!! I hope it settles soon!!!

Thankyou again!!!!

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