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Lost and need recommendations!

Hi ladies. I had my second laparoscopy last Thursday. When I woke up, I was shown photos of my uterus and ovaries, and was told they found nothing, all was normal... and that's great but obviously does not explain the last 9 years of hell.... I went to see the GP yesterday (what doesn't help here is the staff at my GP surgery have changed a lot recently so I'm seeing a different GP each time...) with my discharge letter, which said "no further follow up required". I said I either wanted a follow up with the consultant, or if not, to know what my next steps/options are. He said that this was clearly a mistake, as I should automatically go on to a waiting list for a follow up appointment, and that I should ring the secretary. So I got home, rang the secretary, and was very quickly brushed off. She said that as there were no abnormalities found, I had no gynaecological problem and was discharged from their care, and should speak to my GP. I explained that he had asked me to call! (I am now booked in with another GP for an appointment next Tuesday). I got off the phone and just cried. For 9 years I have been passed from pillar to post, like so many other ladies on this forum. When I see the GP on Tuesday, I am going to ask for a referral to an endo specialist centre (I have seen general gynaes up until now) from the BSGE list. Does anyone have any recommendations/success stories? From speaking to people and the symptoms I have, I am so convinced I have endo (happy to be proven wrong, but I need options instead of being dismissed!!). I live near Cambridge and so would need to travel a little way, but if there is anywhere I should be particularly requesting, all suggestions welcome!

I've just read this back and realised it's a long rant, sorry! Thank you in advance for any help! Xxx

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God, this makes me so angry! I'm so, so sorry. It's ridiculous and I've not experienced much different, particularly with the NHS. Can you go private? Benenden will treat pre-existing conditions. Not that it's been much better but it depends who you see, at least I got a vague diagnosis. I'd complain to the hospital, the medical secretaries are like bulldogs so you'll get no joy there.



I wholeheartedly feel the same as you! My first lap apparently found nothing and I was told there was no follow up necessary, they diagnosed me with dysmenhorrea and that was that. Since then a regular prescription of Tramadol and as many painkillers as I can fit in my system I am not coping, the pain has got worse and worse but according to my General gyne I do not have Endo.. It's since been 2 years and after the advice of the fantastic ladies on here I have absolutely had enough of being passed about! I can't go on through the side effects and withdrawal of the drugs they give me to help with the aggressive and debilitating pain! I'm only 25 and would like to be able to have children! I went back to my GP and asked for a referral ( she was a new GP and thought I had IBS! HA!! I could have killed her!) I followed up my request with a letter which told her I wanted to be referred to a BSGE specalist and it's actually happened! I have my appointment on the 12th of May! Fingers and toes crossed they can help me, but nobody is brushing me off without a follow up appointment this time!

Tell your doctor exactly where you would like to be referred and they have a duty to support you in this. There is a lovely lady on here called Lindle who has some fantastic posts on finding a specalist and helping in not being fobbed off by your GP!

Hope you feel better soon


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