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Hi Ladies, I am new to the site. I had treatment 4 years ago via lap to remove endo, what was suppose to be a just "a look around" ended up being treatment to separate my bowel and womb due to the endo. My question is I haven't had any follow ups (apart from surgical follow up) is this normal or should I contact my gp. I am feeling my symptoms again lower back pain, stabbing pains again :(

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  • Hi.

    I think it sounds like your endometriosis is returning I would make a appointment with your doctor to get you sent back to your specialist x

  • Thank you Mummy1982 I think I will book in :)

  • Yes I would hun, it's better for them to sort it sooner rather than later I think.

    I think it just seems to be standard that when pain returns to get your Gp to refer you back to the specialist some people have had years others sat months😕.

    I hope you aren't in too much pain and you get seen quickly xx

  • Luckily not too much pain at the moment just that uncomfortable feeling :(

  • That's good in a way I know it isn't nice being in any pain but hopefully might not be as bad.

    What did they do in your last laparoscopy? X

  • 2012 was when I had my last one which was also my first one so in a way still quite new to this

  • I have only just been diagnosed but it was suspected quite a while before I got my diagnosis so I had done a lot of reading about it.

    Theres so much take in i think it's all overwhelming.x

  • It wasn't suspected for me, I went to the doctor with period pains and problems going to the toilet. He asked a few questions, next thing I know I was at a hospital appointment being told I was have a lap to have a "look around". Have you had your lap done yet?

  • Oh poor you that must have come as a shock. Yes I had mine 6 weeks ago. I got diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis unfortunately it hasn't improved my pain as I think that is the Adenomyosis that is causing the pain and the only cure for that is a hysterectomy xx

  • When they did my lap they found that my bowel was stuck to my womb so they had to treat it and put gauze in place. Since the op I lost feeling in the top of my left leg from the anesthetic apparently caused by a trapped nerve and my scarring has been hurting recently as well. Not sure if that is cause by my weight gain though :(xx

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