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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well

I have just joined the site and thought I would say hi. I have been diagnosed with an 8cm endometrioma in the pouch of Douglas which is squashing my bowel and in turn that is pushing on my spine. Currently waiting for a date for surgery. In so much pain nothing seems to help. Fair to say me and my hot water bottle are inseperable at the minute x

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Hi lovely.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis in and Adenomyosis. I had endometriosis in the pouch of douglas which caused me awful pain, so I can imagine how bad your pain must be. Heat pad is my best friend lol. How long is the wait for your surgery? What pain killers have they given you hun xx



Sorry to hear you're battling both these nasty conditions. I've been waiting for months as I need a bowel surgeon to assist to it's getting her availability too. Nightmare! I have got acupan (nefophan) (sp?). What treatment are you having for yours?



Thanks hun

Oh that not good that you are having to wait so long. I haven't heard of acupan, I'm only surviving because of Tramadol and Codeine which make me so spaced out and of late haven't been controlling the pain. I've got to wait to see consultant for follow up , but she said hysterectomy is only cure 😣x


Oh bless you.. It's such an awful thing. It took over 10 years for me to get diagnosed. I can't take tramadol I ended up in A&E 😕. At least there's this support group so glad to have found it. Surprised how many of is are going through the same thing xx


That's such a long time to be in pain I couldn't have coped that long.

Yes it is tough I'm only 32 but thankfully I have my 3 lovely children already so feel blessed for that.

There are a lot of us and this has really helped me to ask people who have already been through what I'm going through helps me keep battling on.

I hope you get your op soon though hun . Keep in touch xx


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