Hi there everyone!

I've recently been told I may have endometriosis, and while at first I was relieved at having an answer after over a year of so many issues and problems, now that I'm taking it in I'm actually quite scared and worried in terms of fertility. I am only 25 but would hopefully be thinking about children in the next few years, and it's starting to hit me that this condition may pose serious problems. I'm worried as well that I haven't really conveyed the implications of this condition to my partner either. I'm wondering if people could share their stories? I know that everyone's bodies, symptoms and lives are different, but it would be really encouraging to hear other peoples' experiences.

Best wishes all!

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  • Hi Glasgow Gal - don't worry we've all had these worries. From my research 50% of people with endo fall pregnant naturally with no need for any help. Only very few cannot have children full stop, but some of us may need a little extra help to get there. I myself am worried as am 30, and know I have ovary involvement (could see on the ultrasound that my left ovary was attached to my bowel) which means my fertility is very likely to be reduced. Just know there are always options and if you need some sympathy you're in the right place!

  • Thank you somegirlcalledjo that's really helpful to know!

  • Hi,

    I too am worried about the fertility aspect. I had my third lap last week where they removed my endo (thank god) but informed me it was stage 3. So now I've started panicking a bit!

    Your fertility is affected by the areas the find the endo so it might be worth finding out for you?

    As somegirlcalledjo said there is still a chance of naturally conceiving but I think we're all worried so you aren't alone.

    I had my coil removed at the same time as the lap so eek from me!


  • Thank you for your responses. I won't be having my lap until maybe February but I'm not sure about stages? Hopefully nothing too severe but the stomach pains I get are often quite severe and uncomfortable so who knows. Like I said I'm not at the stage of wanting to have children now but I'm just worried about whether I will be able to, or whether I'll need a little help. It's really helpful to have your input and support :)

  • Endo is classed in stages 1-4, the stages don't represent how much pain you are in but rather where the endo is found and the amount. You can read up about it on the endo uk website :-).

    I know exactly how you feel I'm 26 and have been married just over a year so my husband and I are now in a position financially, emotionally etc ready to try, most recently they found it on my pouch of Douglas that affects your fertility, I'm in a position now where I'm thinking should I have started two years ago when it was 'only' on my ovaries.


  • Thanks Trinket I'll look that up :) it's funny isn't it you shine you'll both just come naturally to trying but when there's a roadblock in the way it makes you think about everything differently! I'm still a good few years away from being ready but I might be in that position where depending on where the endo is or how much we may have to have a serious talk! Thanks so much for your help :) it's really nice to know you're not alone xx

  • I'm due my first diagnostic lap too next year. Never had surgery before so I'm very nervous about what stage of endo they will find. I have fibroids and a cyst on my ovary that they found via an ultra sound. I'm a glasgow girl too...wishing you all the best.

  • Hi Susie30 I've never had surgery before either! I'm waiting on my ultrasound too it was clear last year but No idea what stage I'll be either. Good luck to you too :)

  • You are definitely not alone :-) hope your lap in Feb gives you some answers too xx

  • Thank you trinket :) and you too xx

  • Hi I had a lap done in July (second lap) after trying unsuccessfully for 2yrs by a different consultant he removed endo from my ovaries pouch of Douglas and my ligaments. And I am now sitting here 6 weeks pregnant naturally so it can happen. And I will be 27 next month

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