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Gnrh for endo?

Hi guys I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after six years of problems with no explanation. I went to see the gynocologist the other day and she said they are now putting me through a 6 month round of Gnrh injections that put me into a temporary menopausal state. I was wondering if anyone else has had this treatment and if it works. Also was worried about the side effects. I'm 22 years old and slightly worried about putting my body through the menopause. Thanks for any advice :) xx

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hi handa, im 31, ive just finished a 7 month course of these injections, i had my first one on a tues and on the thursday i could of done cartwheels, i was literaly pain free for 7 months, i put a little weight on and had the hot sweats but no half as bad as ive heard they can be. im sure you will be fine.

message me if you want to chat.

sending hugs



Im 36 and on my 3rd month of prostap. I was worried to about starting injections as we are trying to concieve but it was fertility clinic that suggested them. I am delighted to say im pain free. Only side effects are some sweats and i can get a bit emotional around day 7 -10.


It's YOUR choice whether you take GnRH - no one should be made to take them!

They are really strong drugs - they won't make the Endo shrink or go away, and you can only take them for a short period of time too because of how severe they are. They do help with the symptoms for some women, but many others get severe side effects whist on them and sometimes lasting ones after finishing them.

Have you tried Tricycling or continuously taking the contraceptive pill? That is far safer and I would definitely do that before I even considered trying GnRH (although I personally wouldn't touch GnRH). Is your consultant an Endo Specialist, it's so important to see one that is.


Good to hear positive experiences😊


My 6 months on gnrh analogues were the best 6 months of my life, no exaggeration. I felt SO well. The side effects were nothing compared to how I feel normally. Just remember that if you don't like the experience, you can always come off them.


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