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I look 6 month pregnant


Just wondering if this is normal. I got examand by the gynae on Friday and ever since been in pain. Yesterday however my stomach just suddenly got very bloated. Identical to 6/7 months pregnant. Very hard and uncomfortable. I feel like something has just burst and filled me up with fluid and gas.

Also at the same time I got a sore back/shoulder. Feels like a trapped nerve so maybe nothing conected.

What do I do? Just drink warm water hoping it goes away or see a doctor? I can't get clothes on to leave the house 😳

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hi hun, part of my endo is my tummy swells, i look easily 8 months pregnant, live in leggings at the moment, if your not sure just call in and see your dr.

sending hugs




Do you have a diagnosis of endometriosis? I know it wouldn't expand the sudden pain after the exam but I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible and anti inflammatory foods, last few days I have ditched wheat and my stomach is already looking flatter. I hope it calms down for you soon x


No I am waiting for lap to to check but all the systems are there. Never had swelled/bloating like this before.

I don't eat wheat or starchy things like potatoes so i don't think it is anything I have ate 😕

It just seems to be so extreme. I suppose swelling always looks more noticeable to yourself.


No if it's endo then it's very common my stomach swells through my cycle too. But it's I've worked out it seems less aggrivated by wheat by endo is definitely the cause of my problem and I expect from what you are saying yours too. Peppermint tea help with period swelling or in the womb area I'm unsure why but a lot of people say it helps xx


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