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Ruled by my cycle

I'm a healthy 38 year old with stage 4 endo. I haven't had children so am being told ivf is the only option seeing as it is so bad and I haven't conceived for a year.

Is anyone else ruled by their cycle?

Cycle = 23 days

Day 1 - 3 pain and discomfort from period

Day 6- 7- 8 - dhiorreah - back pain - constant feeling to wee - aches and so so tired and head ache

Day 12- 13 -14 - dhiorreah - back pain - no energy and feel sick along with a headache or migraine.

Day 20- 21 - constant feeling to wee- swollen belly- boobs heavy- emotional

Day 22 and 23 - pain to pass urine - tummy and back ache/pains

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Im going to be 37 next birthday and in same situation. Docs put me on prostrap injection for 6 months then i will prob have to get another lap. The injection has completely taken away my pain but im getting bad sweats, have no sex drive and im really emotional about 10 days after injection. I can cry at anything which is so not like me. Didnt really want injections but as it was fertility clinic that suggested it im assuming they know what they are doing. How long are you having to wait for ivf??


My consultant did suggest medications but I said I'd like two more months to try naturally - whilst waiting for ivf to start - not to be ill and in pain but I reckon to avoid the idea I can't naturally. A bit of denial.

The first meeting about IVF will be in 6 weeks - so worried, stressed, don't want too!!! Life has thrown me this and I just have to accept and get on with it I guess.



I know its awful. Especially when everone around seems to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat. Ill keep my fingers crosses for you and keep us updated on how you get on. Im 1/2 way with injections then meet consultant again and will go from there. Good luck. Xxx


Hi, I've just been diagnosed with endo and adeno, and I'm in constant pain and aches, I however don't seem to be able to pin point any thing time wise, my symptoms are very hit and miss and have no routine, some days worse than others and different symptoms on different days of the month, very strange how we are all so different with the same thing going on inside,

Good luck xxx


Sounds terrible - so unfair that we have to go through all this.

Wish you luck too xx


I kept a diary for three months to check and all symptoms happen at around same time in cycle. It was shocking for me too realise. And see how much I've been putting up with for years - always telling myself I've eaten something to make me feel sick or I've lifted something to hurt my back etc etc - when all along it must have been endo.


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