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Time to heal from laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy 10 days ago. My stitches still haven't dissolved and since Friday morning I have been in agony when trying to get up from a seated or lying down position. The area has gone quite red and swollen and in the middle of my belly button there is a bit of puss.

Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

I haven't really been cleaning it, just showering daily and pat drying around the area.

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This sounds infected to me hun, book an emergency appt tomorrow with your dr xx


Hi. Sorry to hear you are in such pain. I had a laparoscopy 5 Weeks ago

I got a infection a week after in one of the incisions. It sounds to me that you have a infection I'm your belly button hun I would get yourself a Dr's appointment ASAP. Hope you feel better soon x


I agree, this sounds infected. Get yourself to the docs tomorrow


Hi, sorry but yes it sounds like an infection. I've found using a hairdryer on a low heat setting after a shower to drive off the incision sites properly helps avoid this. Also I have had 6 laps all of which involved so called "dissolvable" stitches and have yet to have the stitches dissolve! Even the surgeons have said they won't dissolve so book an appointment with your local nurse/GP to have them removed 10 days post op. So whilst at your docs ask them to remove the stitches! Best wishes, x


Thank you both. It's the one right in the middle of my belly button but I can't even see the stitch anymore. I don't really want to prod around and get the puss out in case I do more damage x


Thanks all. I will call doctors in the morning x


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