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Have it got endo

I know a laparoscopy is the only tool to diagnose officially. But I originally went to my doctor with pain during sex and when I mentioned 1yr infertility he recommend this. However I don't think my symptoms are severe enough to warrant putting myself through surgery. I get bad period pains, but only for about 6 hours, then the rest of my period is light and painless. I get pain during sex, but only when my partner hits my cervix. Finally I have been ttc for 10months, but my parter has a low sperm count so I'm not convinced it endo. Just wondering what most peoples symptoms are, as internet says they range from person to person.

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The symptoms do vary from person to person. Heavy periods, painful period and sometimes pain other times of month. Back ache, pain during or after sex, difficulties conceiving would probably be most common. I understand what you are saying that the pain isn't that bad but that doesn't necessarily mean you have got it you have other symptoms. The plus about having a laparoscopy is that if they find endometriosis and remove it a lot people have conceived just after the removal of it. Ultimately it is your decisions.

Hope this helps xx


Hi LincsLady22, there are lots of things that can cause infertility but 10 months of trying really isn't that long so don't lose hope! I know it feels like a long time when every month you get so disappointed - I've been there and now it's almost been two years of TTC with no luck.

As I understand it even a small amount of endo can be very painful but my gyne said that it's an unusual disease with no rules. I have what was described as 'mild to moderate' endo (found on my ovaries, bladder, uterus and PoD and sticking my uterus and bladder together and my appendix to my ovary) but I only experience severe pain one day a month and some other mild symptoms including the same pain you get during sex. The lap isn't too bad as it's key hole surgery the recovery is usually two or three weeks from my experience and what I've read on here. When I had my lap they also did a dye flush to check if my tubes were clear. Several people told me that you are most likely to get pregnant in the first couple of cycles after the lap and dye flush but I didn't :-( however I know a friend who did after her op. So this might be all you need, but don't count on it.

My hubby also has a sperm issue (low morphology) but this has been much improved by him taking Well Man Conception vitamins, cutting down on booze and exercising more. We're not sure what specifically has made a difference but it's the end result that matters so we're just sticking to all of the aforesaid.

If you do go for the lap and get diagnosed it may help with your access to fertility treatment. Once my hubby's sperm results came back we got a fertility clinic referral due to us both having issues. At the time we had only been trying for a year and a lot of GP's will not do a referral until you've been trying for two years or more.

Best of luck whatever you chose to do. It's your choice don't get pressured into the lap if you don't want it. xx


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