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End-O-F! Daze!

There has to be another way-this has to mean something-we need to fight for research- we need to tackle insurance companies to cover our treatments!I can not sit down and be told its drugs-lap- or ivf (which I simply cannot afford) drugs suppress endo but I'm 31 and sick of feeling 51 I have more in common with menopausal women and their private summers jokes than my friends goooing and gaaiung about mobiles-baby outfits and organic or non organic baby foods- even if I accept that I seriously may not be a mother in this life I still have to be on hormones that detatch me from any true feeling of femininity that I have left-

Im told a lap has many more disadvantages than adv. In my case the severity of endo too high and my egg reserve is too llow.

What's with this-the irony talk about stuck! EndoEnuf!

Insurance companies won't cover ivf which if successful is both a treatment and a dream come true for most of us- but its classed alongside plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons...not life threatening.

My only surgery a LAPAROTOMY (talk about draconian methods-welcome to Africa) my doctor said he would rather operate and treat cancer than this disease- does that not put things in perspective?insurance companies wake up women are broken,shattered and suffering because of this- where is our support where is our protest can we not demand help-ibread about woman spending 100 000's of pounds euros dollars MONIES for possible success-im saddened-

And despite that we suffer in silence we continue our work-thus us termed the working women's disease....and that we do -work to keep pharmaceutical companies rich-

In light of being told about my impossible natural conception I am mad today sad today and IRS just generally a really bad flippen day!

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