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Feeling really fed up :(

Feeling really fed up today, I've been waiting for a date for a posterior and anterior prolapse repair surgery since the 18th November 2014. I've had endometriosis for a long time although I wasn't diagnosed until 2007 and had a hysterectomy and cervix removal November 2007...aged 29 as I was told by the consultant that it was the only way!!

I then had both ovaries removed in 2012 and have been battling the menopause without hrt, in 2013 I had to have a vaginal dissection to remove endo that had been sewn under the skin when I had the hysterectomy. Which brings me to now....I have a bladder and bowel prolapse which they tried to treat with a pessary ring (which hasn't helped at all) on the 18th November 2014 I was told I needed the surgery and would be put on the list...in January I contacted them to see what was happening and was told the letter was still sitting on the consultants desk...I made it onto the list as a 'soon' patient on the 29th january and had my pre op assessment on the 23rd February and was surgery wouldn't be too far behind. In march I called them and was told it would be mid April then they changed their mind to late April. I contacted them again at the end of march and was told it would now be may and that I shouldn't contact them that I should wait for them to contact me, well we're now mid April and I've heard nothing!

Every day is a struggle and I'm struggling to keep at work (my husband is disabled and can't work) so we only have my income and I just feel so fed up that this has been dragging on for so long, I'm 36 but feel so old and worn out, sorry for the moan just needed to rant a little :-(

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I have just read your post. It seems like your going through an awful lot at the moment! You must be frustrated and wanting to get it sorted ASAP.

You've gone through a lot more than I have but I can sympathise with you in regards to the hospital, they can be such a nightmare.

I know work can be a whole other minefield too especially when you are constantly feeling so rubbish! Hopefully your symptoms will be greatly reduced by your op. Keep bugging them it's your appointment you deserve it to go smoothly it's difficult enough for you at the moment!

Good luck with it all, it'll get better just look after yourself the best you can in the meantime!! X


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