Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Hi, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy 17 days ago. Does anyone know how long I need to keep the dressings on the wounds? The nurse advised when I left hospital to change them when they became loose, however they haven't and are still in place. I can see there is no infections or anything so is it best to leave them on?

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Thank You

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  • Hi, I had a lap, 3 weeks ago I took my dressing off after 5 days,


  • Best to take dressings off now - my came off 10 days after 6 hour excision surgery! If you leave them on 2 long you can actually risk infection with trapped water etc under them. Let em breathe! Best wishes

  • The dressings should come off within a few days up to a week after lap no need to have them on now

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