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Sport and pain??

Hi ladies.. i hope everyone is feeling ok ☺ i have noticed my pain is starting to come back very bad over the past few months.. i had my last lap 18 months ago.. and my gyne has just booked me in for 3 weeks away as she believes something is not right!!

But what i want to know is does anyone else get horrid pain or bloating after physical exercise? ?

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Hi, sorry your pain is back, mine always gets worse after any busy activities, even if I do a lot of house work, ive been food shopping and done a fair bit of house work today, nothing compared to what I used to do in one day, and I no I'll feel crap later and tomoz, it's complete b******* isn't it.

Good luck with your gyne, ive got follow up tomoz had lap and endo removed 3 weeks ago, but also diagnosed with adeno



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