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Hello ladies,

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with endo surgery at the princess anne hospital in Southampton? I am due to have surgery there at some point, the consultant said around 3 months wait but admissions department said a lot longer- is there anyway to bump yourself up the list? Has anyone has success saying they can attend any cancellations?

Many thanks ladies


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  • I'm in Southampton, and have sent you a message regarding my experiences at the Princess Anne.

  • Could you let me know please too x

  • Hi

    Anna76 I would be interested to hear about your experiences at P A as well please? Thank you

    Steph x

  • Hi I'm under Princess Ann Hospital. I had my lap really quickly this was in January. I have stage 4 endo and it's effecting my bowel. I'm having more surgery and my consultant said 4 months that was feb. saw him in April and he told me June! I'm hoping this is right.

    Is his your first surgery ? Good luck your be fine I have found them very professional. I'm not sure there are many cancellations as we all want the surgery desperately x

  • This will be my 3rd surgery, had 2 previous laps at Frimley Park hospital. Really hopeful that an appointment will come through soon, but seeing someone through the specialist endo centre so expect will be longer - I was told mid-end of june on the phone yesterday. Suprised at how long the wait is compared to my previous experience, but hoping that is also a good sign!

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