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Cyst about to rupture?

Hi girls, I hope you're all as well as can be. I need some advice on what might be causing my pain at the minute....

So I've had three surgeries to date and I suffer from chronic pain daily but recently my pain has changed. I have been getting quite acute, sharp pain in my left hip and groin. I do suffer with hip and leg pain due to endo but this is usually a constant dull ache not this intensely sharp and stabbing type pain.

In 2011, I suffered with a ruptured cyst, the onset was sudden and the pain was breath taking. I've never experienced anything so painful! A few days after the cyst ruptured my stomach felt tender, I was terribly bloated and I had a burning sensition all over my pelvis (the doc at the time advised this was due to the fluid from the cyst sitting in my pelvis).

My pain including bloating is exactly the same as the pain I experienced after the cyst had ruptured but I've not had the excruciating, sudden pain like this time.

I was wondering whether maybe I have a cyst that is leaking but hasn't completed ruptured? Or maybe I am about to have a cyst rupture? Has anyone had this type of pain before a cyst has ruptured? Or has anyone had symptoms/signs before a cyst has ruptured? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, hope your feeling little better, I would say a Gp visit is needed, just to be on the safe side, you no your body and if it feels similar to before I would listen to that,

Good luck hunny



Can you get checked through an obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound to check if your cyst has ruptured? My endometrial cyst manifested through horrific stabbing pain but only during my menstrual period. When I was feeling some constant dull pain from my pelvis to my legs for a week after my period, my OB recommended excision because acc. to her, the cyst may likely be leaking out. My OB got my cyst out seconds before it ruptured in her hands during my surgery (not sure if due to handling or just timing).

That was in 2013. My ultrasound 10 mos post surgery said "surgically absent right ovary" as I had oophorectomy. Nonetheless, I just learned last March that a new cyst has formed where my right ovary should be so I'm just feeling out for symptoms of leaking or about-to-rupture cyst because I don't think I can handle the pain of a ruptured cyst inside my body. Also I'm not sure but I'm afraid that a ruptured cyst will cause more adhesions and the endometriosis spreading out to other organs. (Is that likely?)

Let us know how you're doing. God bless!


Hello there, I have had a similar issue. I had a cyst rupture and, like you, it was extremely sudden and painful enough to make me vomit, I then had an operation to drain the cyst but about six months later, like you, had all the similar symptoms but not quite the sudden pain. I went and got an emergency scan at my gynaecologist and she confirm floating fluid in the pelvic area and that the cyst was back and leaking. They actually couldn't do anything at the time so it just meant a week or so of tenderness and discomfort I would totally recommend getting someone to have a look though, it is always better to know the source of your pain even if nothing can be done, it stops you feeling like you are going mad!


Hi i have a endometrioma cyst & in dec 15. I went in to hospital to have my ovary & cyst removed but when they started i was full of severe adhesions so i ended up having aadhesiolysis surgery instead they couldn't even see the ovary or fyst because it was covered in adeshions the only they can remove it is by having a stoma. Ive been suffering for a long time in pain that you describe but it was obviously the adhesions.


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