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Hi I have had extreme abdominal cramps for the last two years or so I've had extreme nausea too and am not pregnant I've started to notice my tummy looks 5 or 6 months pregnant the doctor has said it's endometriosis and am due at the hospital next Friday to explore further as I'm in pain every day does any one have any experience of stomach bloating is it normal?? I haven't changed my diet and exercise regular only it's getting me down. Now any advice for keeping it under control




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Hi, do you have a laparoscopy booked or an appointment with gyne doctor? Are you pains close to your periods or all month?

I have just been diagnosed with endo, been excised from behind uterus and ligament and also adenomyosis,

I'm 3 weeks post lap,

My stomach was blooted before the op, but has got worse and worse,

Good luck in your appointment next Friday


Hi tboag

I get pain all the time no matter what time of the month and my belly never goes down just gets bigger I'm going for a external examination so not sure who it's with the letter don't say??

Hi Lindle

Reading your post helped I get memory loss and chronic fatigue all the time thought I was going mad yes thanks I'll take it with me thanks



Hi Emma - look at this paper about bloating as a symptom of endo. I should take a copy and have it on you just in case they say it's not a symptom:




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