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Feeling lost

I finally had my second lap on the 16th of March this year, almost a year since the first one. Wasn't good news, my right ovary was stuck to the side wall, endo everywhere except my uterus and my right tube blocked and my left tube destroyed. I've been told that I have 8 months to get pregnant or they will take my left tube and have to have another lazer treatment. I am completely lost. I'm 18, trying to work as a teaching assistant and I am completely depressed. I've had 5 working weeks off due to everything happening (although 3 was signed off by my doctor) and I feel completely rubbish. My contract at the school I work at is ending in july, I highly doubt they'll keep me with the amount of time off and budget cuts, who the hell wants to employ me? I just seem like a lazy teenager who complains about everything and hardly comes into work. I've been on fluoxetine for about 6 months now and they don't seem to be doing much. I've wanted to start trying for a baby since last year but my boyfriend has only just agreed to it, I really don't know what to do. I've got an appointment with my dr on Friday, should I mention how I want to go on fertility treatment? I feel like the odds are highly stacked against me and I just want to be happy with a baby and a stable job and it's like that's all been ruined for me. I know I'm just rambling on and moaning but I find it hard to cope knowing that I have stage 4 endo, I'm 18 and that this isn't going to go away anytime soon.

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Hello darling, you are very young to be dealing with this, my thoughts are with you,

Firstly are you dealing with a endo specialist or a gentral gyne doc, if I was you I would ask for a second opinion, and also please note that endo specialists use a procedure called excision which means that the endo is cut out from the root, where as laser treatment only shaves from the surface, please make sure you are getting the right treatment,

There is a lady on here called Lindle, she has posted numerous posts regarding excision and finding a specialist doc, if you havnt already please read it,

Good luck xxx

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Hey Timothy31

I think 18 is young to be so pressured into deciding about a baby - though I understand why you want one now as the doctors aren't giving you much choice or hope.

Is there a possibility that they could arrange for egg retrieval so that even if you haven't had a baby and you have to have the tube removed, you would have the eggs frozen in storage? I think then in the future if you still had your uterus and decided you wanted a baby they can do IVF with those eggs. It might be worth looking into and asking about.


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