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How long does it take Livial to work

Hi, I have now been on Prostrap for 6 days. Never been on it before. Had the injection, seemed reasonably ok for three days, didn't notice much except that I had a calm feeling and slept very well, solid in fact, for three nights. Then on Friday morning started taking Livial tablets. Have felt increasingly awful since, no energy at all, slightly irritable, light headed at time and pelvic pain (which lasted for about 2 hours and then went) and not sleeping properly. How long will I feel like this? Should I persevere and if so, how long should I give it to work. I thought HRT was supposed to make you feel energetic and full of life. I am walking around like a zombie and everything seems to be an effort. I also haven't been to work since I had the injection last Tuesday. I cant go to work feeling like this. Am I expecting too much too soon?

I look forward to hearing from anyone with some advice on this.

thanks ladies!

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Hi I am currently on an injection called Decapeptyl I am on it 8 months now I did 6 individual monthly ones and one 3 monthly one due my next 3 monthly one next month and I actually took my livial for 2 weeks out the whole time so far cause it made me feel way worse the doctors tell me I have to take it but to be honest I just say yes and don't actually take it then and I find myself way better able to deal with the injection and any reactions I may get. O have suffered since 10 with periods diagnosed with endorsements age 16 have had 2 ops and fighting for a 3rd the last 3 years and I have learned the hard way after 3 years being sick they don't always know best at end of day we are just numbers to them they don't have to live through it we do so it's up to you if you take it it's your body at end of day. Hope you feel better soon :) x


Hya Sar71, thanks for replying. I feel so sluggish mentally and physically, cant be bothered to do anything, just lying about on the couch or in bed and everything is an effort. I am also achey and have had some anxiety and nervousness but this passes after a while and I just stay calm till it goes. Today will be the fifth day to take the livial and I have been taking it in the morning, but have been wondering maybe it might help if I take it at night and then sleep through the worst of it, because usually after about 9 hours of taking it I seem to perk up a bit. Going to speak to my GP this morning about it and what I should do and I haven't take today's tablet yet. Still feel like yuk this morning, so I wonder is it Livial that is making feel awful or is it Prostrap (today is the 7th day of being on 1st Prostrap injection). Some posts on these sites say to persevere with it, so I will, but for how long I can, I don't know. I want this to work, I didn't go into this lightly and have suffered for years with PMDD and am peri-meno as well, so I don't just want to give up on this, cos I don't want to go back to the way I was.


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