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I did go to my GP. She has prescribed me a different type of pill but not on repeat so I go to see her again. Currently she has diagnosed me as having a small uterus entrance which means that my blood cannot get out of my uterus when I bleed, so we will see what this pill does. I did have a lot of endo symptoms, so will see how it goes. It is likely that it is this, however, because when I told my mum she said that me and my sister were c section babies because the entrance was small and practically non-functioning.

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Hi fingers crossed that pill will work for you, did your mum have any symtoms like you, does this little uterus entrance gave a medical name, and should it course your symtoms,

Good luck


The doctor didn't give it a medical name and my mum is not happy with the diagnosis as she had bad periods but she did not get pelvic bone pain, hot flushes, leg pain and vomiting like I do. I have also fainted in the past. The doctor said it is probably the reason I vomit but when my pills run out I have to go back so we will see.


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