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Update 🙄

Ok so a while back I posted on here about being nervous about going to see endo specialist, when I saw him he was lovely, not like my other consultant, didn’t come across judgemental in anyway which some do!! From the appointment he sent me for a transvaginal ultrasound and referred me to the pain clinic, my u/s appointment came fairly quickly and so did my pain clinic appointment but I have to wait until August for that, anyway...I went for my transvaginal u/s and a week later I wasncalled by the endo specialist nurse (who is wonderful) to update me with regards to the u/s results, she said they may have picked up on adenomyosis and they think I may also have a bicornuate uterus! so that a few more problems in the pipe line if they’re right, sooooo to confirm what think think I now have an MRI appointment next Thursday......I’m not nervous at all I just wish things could move quickly all the time, because I struggle with anxiety I find waiting for results really stressful!

Coming on here and off loading about my issues actually helps me feel a little less anxious because not everyone understands and some just don’t want to listen so I’m not wasting my breath!!

Hope everyone is feeling ok 😘 xxx

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I now how u feel I'm wating to see a gynecologist consultant as new to endometriosis and I'm so scared they going to brush me aslide I'm in pain everything with a couple of different symtomes And sick and fatig and anxiety dose not help as notes the over day pranking hope u feel bit better soon x




Oh no I hope you’re feeling better soon to, endo sucks and to be honest all my other gynae issues so to!! Lol if your gynae specialists palms you off see your GP and ask if you can see and endo specialist, you can google this to find out where your bearest one is, Ive spent 4 years with my gynaecologist and she’s done nothing for me only upset me every time I’ve seen her, she’s done 2 laparoscopies and god only knows how many ultrasounds and it was only in September I was diagnosed with endo! You know you’re me symptoms better than anyone else so stand your ground with it! 😘 xxx


Thank u I will be not living with this for ever


Hopefully it will be quicker for you. I got referred back to gyny in jan after having endo back in 2014 got referred for mri to look for deep endo but didn’t give me a follow up app till may I get my results next week. I suffer from anxiety aswell really bad but tried to think of it like there’s no point stressing myself until I find out what’s actually happening. In jan he said the reason my follow up would be in may was because it can take upto 3 months for mri app to come through. You’ve had your app a lot quicker so hopefully you won’t wait as long for your results. Xx


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