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doing IVF with severe endo but thinking I've made a mistake

I started my 1st ivf cycle 3 weeks ago. The injections made my endo worse and I was in pain from the beginning. The doctor said that the pain would get worse after egg retrieval. But I didn't believe him. I thought it wasn't possible to feel more pain. But yes it was!! I am now crawling on the floor crying and scaring my poor boyfriend. Haven't slept for 3 weeks and had to stop working ( I never stop working) God! I am so extremely fed up!

Girls this is not fair what have we done to deserve this! How can we live! I can't bear it anymore.

Sorry I've lost my positive attitude. I hope that at least some of you are ok tonight.

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oh bless you. sending you get well hugs of support. Hope it finally eases for you.

I have severe endo and due to start my first IVF cycle next tuesday and must admit I am concerned about the medication and how it will effect the endo/how I feel.

Got my fingers crossed for you that the IVF is a success and the pains disappear for you x


Sorry my post isn't very encouraging if you're about to start IVF. It might be ok for you. I think I'm having a bad experience because I have 2 endometrioma on left ovary. Let me know how things go for you (medication , pain, emotions...)

Good luck x


Hi, sorry your feeling so bad, good luck with the ivf.

Just try to rest as much as possible,



nothing to apologise for bless you. It's good to hear the good and the bad journeys people have with IVF and Endo as all helps give a more rounded picture instead of just a "disney" version. Will let you know how I get on. Head is all over the place and my body messing me around with the endo symptoms at the mo and this is all before even having the meds playing with my body. What us women go through hey. Once again best of luck to you.


I'm sorry to hear you are struggling so much with physical and probably emotional pain too. I had stage 4 endo and had ivf and now have a beautiful daughter. I remember going through feeling positive one minute then negative the next. It is awful what it does to your head never mind your body. We are all here for you and hope everything goes well for you. Xx

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I'm so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Keep focusing on your dreams and the amazing little miracle bundle which ivf can give you. All your pain will be a distant memory. Xxx



I hope that your pain soon will get better. I have good news for you - if you will concieve and carry a child, your endo will get better. I got from stage 4 endo to about 5 years without endo after my pregnancy. It helped so much. I was so lucky. I could not get more children and we adopted one after that.

So GOOD LUCK with your IVF!!!!

Hopefully my message will help you to hold out until the worst is over and you will get a healthy child and get better yourself!

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(((Hugs))) sounds horrendous. It seems so wrong that having a baby is so hard and complicated. I'm really sorry you have to go through thus process.

I'm not sure if you are not allowed to use pain meds or certain pain meds...

I wonder if a warm bath would help with the pain (sometimes I find it helps as it relaxes my muscles that tense from the pain and then cause their own pain!). I find badger balm muscle rub also is quite good as it warms everything up a bit. A tens machine might be useful.


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