Any tips on losing weight please

Hello everyone I'm sorry if this has been asked many times before but does anyone have any tips on losing weight when you have endometriosis I have put on about 3 stone since being diagnosed 11 years ago

I eat healthily and use a treadmill as often as I can manage and take my dog for a walk every morning

any help on things that have worked would be really appreciated

thanks x

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  • Are you thinking the weight gain is due to endo??

  • Yes before I had endo I had no problems with my weight and it all started after I had my first op which diagnosed me

    I am unable to work due to the pain and I get so tired and feels like all my energy has gone

    The nurse at my gp surgery says it is common with endo to put weight on due to hormones

  • Hi honey,

    Have you had blood tests to check things like your hormone levels? If not it might be worth it because from what it sounds like, you're doing everything you can really do, & if it's not working then there could be an underlying cause xx

  • Hi thank you for your reply I've had a general blood test but nothing to check my hormone levels sounds like a good idea though I have an appointment at my doctors next week so I think i'll mention it

    thanks again I really do appreciate all the support xx

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