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Chronic bladder & urinary pain 😭

Hello everyone :(

long post incoming.

Not having the best time the past couple of days. So I've got my cystoscopy a week today but the past few days bladder and wee-ing wise have been absolutely chronic. Just another level of pain and discomfort. My bladder is literally throbbing and aching- like a water balloon filled to bursting for days and to actually wee is just excruciating. Cystitis like feeling when emptying my bladder and such. Can't get all of the urine out. Been waking up all hours of the night to wee despite not drinking too much because it makes me need the toilet every 10 minutes. I must of gone about 15+ yesterday only to not feel like my bladder was empty and then five minutes later, have the desperate need to go again only to pass a tiny bit of urine.

It's so uncomfortable I don't know what to do. I've been taking paracetamol all yesterday- and today have swapped to ibuprofen to see if there's any difference. I don't have any other pain killers really :( the best way to describe it is when you've held needing a wee for a really long time and your bladder is doing that achey feeling- except with a burning on top.

I just don't know what to do.

I'm exhausted and the pain is so relentless. I've been having hot baths, drinking water- tried cranberry juice and such- cystitis sachets, hot water bottles and am currently lying on my electric blanket.

What else can I do?

has anyone else really suffered with this horrendous thing?

I'm dreading finding out what it could be- Wether it means it's due to endo spreading or another thing. I just can't continue on like this. My depression is at an all time high and I can barely function.

Any help or advice would be amazing.





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HI Jordan, firstly I am so sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort. It can feel so scary when your body is reacting and behaving oddly. It sounds like you may need to contact your GP or consultant again and ask them to confirm if this is to be expected after an exploratory operation on the bladder or if they can prescribe any stronger painkillers until it passes. My sense is the bladder is a sensitive wee thing as the best of times; and especially with us endometriosis women. But they have been playing around and prodding it so I would expect it to take a few weeks to settle down. I can only think of maybe trying to put a rotation of some cold presses on your lower abdomen area to see if it helps to reduce the inflammation in the meantime. I appreciate this may sound rather counter intuitive, as hot water bottles etc are so comforting, but it might just reduce the heat and irritation. Wishing you all the best. xx

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