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Something good from something bad.. Now in need of some advice

Evening all!

So on Thursday I had to go to a&e for the severity of the pain I was in through my eendometriosis. I'm already on morphine, ibuprofen amd codeine so it's worrying that I still get such horrific pain... Anyway, I saw a gynaecologist and had a second lot of scans/camera and internal examination, thus having me referred as urgent and recieving an appointment to see the endometriosis specialist tomorrow (my next should of been April 13th with a gynaecologist)

So was just looking on some advice on what to be asking and finding out etc..

My heads a mess with it all now so I'll probably be a blob on the floor tomorrow.

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Hi - first of all I should just double check for yourself that the person you are seeing is an endometriosis specialist. It is so important that they don't just have an 'interest' in endo but are also skilled in laparoscopic surgery for endo. See my post on this (click on my username). I assume that a lap will be scheduled and the single most important question to ask is that your endo will be removed by excision and not ablation. This will have a significant influence on your future experience.


Hello- Thank you for responding.

It is an endometriosis specialist as I checked this out on the endometriosis specialist list given to me in my previous post and then double checked with my gp.

Can I just ask what the difference is? I'm a little scared to know tbh :/


The difference between excision and ablation is that in excision all endo found is cut away in its entirety so that particular endo can't regrow. With ablation it is burned away but the base of it can remain to regrow. Excision doesn't guarantee that you won't have a recurrence as there can be microscopic endo that can only be identified by taking biopsy samples and examining them in a lab, and new endo can grow but the outcome with excision is far better. In fact another question I would ask is whether you will have an exploratory lap first with biopsies taken. to check the extent of your endo. x


Do u ever feel like u want to know but don't want to know? It's scary.

Thank u for your help :) x


I know. I really do feel for you. But it is always best to know what you are dealing with. Have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms and why it is such a challenge. Click my username. There are lifestyle things you can do that can really make a difference to try and keep it at bay.x


I will take a look, thank uu :) x


I can relate to medication just not taking the edge off of the pain. I have been through many medication for pain. I then found comfort with 250mg of naproxen 3 times a day, this worked for a few weeks then I needed it upped to 500mg 3 times a day, which again worked really well until the last fortnight when I started to require codine 60mg every 6 hours, then the pain fought its way through that until I ended up with oramorph for break through pain.. Which kinda works but the pain still sometimes breaks through that. I have good days and bad days though.. Today's a good day.. Only needed the naproxen x


I tried naproxen and found it did nothing for me, I also tried Diclofenac and nowt, had them both combined with codeine and still nothing. Trouble I had with codeine is it made me sleepy and couldn't have it during work. So that's when I got put on the morphine patches originally on 5mg then upped to 10mg along with the 400mg of ibuprofen.

I too have good days and bad days where the pain comes through. I think it depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle x


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