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Prostap headaches

Does anyone have experience of bad headaches on prostap. I've been given prostap to shit off cycles while I wsit for my hystetectomy.i wasn't able to cope any longer with pelvic and back pain. My back has eased within a week, but the headaches are horrible. I'm trying to alleviate with oestrogen patches but hasn't worked yet. Really scared that this is what's facing me post-hysterectomy. Does prostap mimic your body's reaction in menopause?

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Hi - please see the link at the bottom for side effects of prostap. It's a serious medication and it sounds like you are reacting to it and should probably stop. There can be long term effects so has this been explained to you? You have to balance this against the benefit you are feeling. But the fact that your endo symptoms have been relieved will likely indicate that you will get relief after a hysterectomy assuming you having your ovaries removed too. But that then opens up new questions depending on your age and whether you need to take oestrogen replacement to protect your bones, but this can activate endo. How old are you, why are you having a hysterectomy and are your ovaries being removed?



I'm 46 and surgeon is open to leaving one ovary if I choose. It's just that my ovulation period has become intolerable so trying to make an informed decision ( devil or deep blue sea it seems!) before June.


Hi again. I have been looking at your previous posts to see if we know what your treatment history is regarding your endo since you have had it such a long time. Can you give me some info as to what surgeries you have had, where the endo was and have you been seen by an endo specialist or just a general gynaecologist? Was the back and pelvic pain just at period time (adenomyosis can cause a lot of pain during your period) or was it all the time? This will be relevant after a hysterectomy. The worry is that if it was all the time and the Prostap has eased it then you might still have endo deep in the rectovaginal area that would give back pain and would need addressing at the time of your hysterectomy and only a highly skilled specialist should tackle this. You would need to give yourself every possible opportunity at that op to get all signs of endo out as well as your uterus since endo can persist after a hysterectomy.

Regarding the ovaries I can only say what I would do based on what I did. At your age I wouldn't hesitate in having both ovaries out since it is likely your oestrogen levels would be down to the same sort of level in 5 years or so either way. That way you cut out ovarian cancer risk altogether as well as further stimulation of endo. I wouldn't contemplate oestrogen replacement at your age with a history of endo. Have a look at my post on post menopausal endo on precautions you can take to monitor your bone health.

I had the most horrific head pain with Prostap, so bad that I had to wear a collar round my neck in order to walk. I stopped after 3 months as I felt certain it was doing me serious harm but I was told I had to carry on to 'shrink' any remaining endo after I had a huge ruptured endometrioma incompletely removed by a general gynaecologist that had grown under oestrogen therapy. I was later to learn that you have to have ovaries for it even to work and I had mine out 7 years earlier along with a hysterectomy! Any menopause symptoms I might have had were long gone so this head pain was definitely an adverse reaction to the Prostap. My feeling is that if something that works on your brain causes such pain in your head then it is telling you that it is no good for you. But you have to balance that with the relief from pelvic pain. x


Hi I hope you don't mind me asking but you seem to really no your stuff, I had endo lasered 10 years ago and again in January this year, but now i have adeno as well, I had mirena coil put in at laser in January for it, but it's been hell ever since, I've really tried to persist with it for 3 months as he suggested but I can't take it anymore and have an appt on 24th. Did you have adeno too? I'm basically scared of what the outcome is, it seems if this doesn't work the only real cause of action is a hysterectomy? I'm 32 and am scared of this but at the same time I can't live like this.ni have a 6 year old daughter and even though I'd be gutted I can't have any more I need to be a mum to the one I have got, I feel useless enough as it is not being able to carry out intimate wife duties! I want to at least feel well enough to not be snappy and be a good mum to my little girl. My back pain makes me feel sick, it feels like I'm carrying a brick around with me all the time, I look 7 months pregnant before my period and I have pain every day, I take naproxen and cocodomol every day, the week before my period and the week on are actually horrific I have labour contractions and my pain is cranked right up, my mood lows and I feel like I couldn't care less if I crashed my car on the way to work, being at work is so hard and I come home and go to bed and sleep for 12 hrs at a time. Sorry if tmi just trying to give you a little insight to see if you can offer any advice? Would pros tap benefit me do you think? Any advice ? Thank you, claire


Hi - there can never be too much info where endo is concerned. That's mostly the problem - GPs not knowing enough about it. Have a look at my post on endo and its possible symptoms to see how you relate to them as that can make you feel a bit better in that it makes sense of what you have and might help your other half know what you are dealing with and that you can't help it. Can you tell me as much as you know about the extent of your endo at each lap you had and that you definitely had just laser this last time. Also how long is your cycle?

No I didn't have edeno and in fact no endo was found at all in my pelvis at hysterecomy at age 44, but it turned out mine was in a hidden place between the uterus and bowel that is often missed by gynaecologists.

Can you private message me the name of the gynae who did your op and what hospital? x


I had headaches for the first couple of injections, I don't get them any more. Just hot flushes and night sweats, but compared to the end pain it's a breeze .


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