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Hi, has anyone had the 3monthly (11.25mg) dose of Prostap? I had it about 6 weeks ago now and still having cramps, bleeding (very light) at least once a week along with joint pain particularly knees and hips, pain spreading from knees upy thighs, insomnia, getting hot then freezing cold alternating, back pain and mood swings (mood swings had settled with fluoxetine before prostap) I am also permanently exhausted and even doing housework shopping or going for a walk floors me. I am at my wits end. Have been signed off work since 22nd Oct and just can't see an end in sight. Am due next dose of Prostap at end of Jan but even if these sode effects have worn off by then I just don't think I can cope with going thru all this again.

If anyone else has any experiences of this good or nad would really help me out.

Thanks. xx

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Hi, So sorry to hear that you are experiencing such bad side effects. I have had this injection a few times and found that the pain relief did not kick in until the 6-8 week mark. The hot flushes were the worst for me but maybe your doctor might be able to help you if you mention how the injection is making you feel. The injection did give me my energy back so hopefully it might do the same for you.

Fingers crossed things might pick up xx


I have been advised to have the prostap injection but I hear so many conflicting stories I just don't know whether to try it or not.the side effects really worry me (I would be put on hrt too) I am in constant pain everyday and the lack of energy makes me feel so worn out with even the most simplest of tasks becoming huge mountains to tackle. I recently had 6wks off work (signed off by the doctors for "work related stress causing flare up of endometriosis" but I have now started a new job and I am panicking and getting depressed cos it's such a struggle but as I live on my own I don't have a choice as the bills need paying!! sorry for the rant, i know I haven't answered ur post but I am interested to hear urs and other ladies experiences xx


Hi lubylu,

I was feeling exhausted before the prostap and also had joint pain and bachache bwfore taking it. However I am seriously debating whether to have the second dose at the end of January. I am exhausted and like you the simplest of tasks wears me out even doing the dishes or taking a shower. I live on my own too and am lucky that my work will pay me full pay for 6months if required after that it goes to half pay and I am really worried as already been off 9 weeks and just struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel. My body and I have never been quite at one but at the moment I feel like my body has given up. I feel old and I am so frustrated. I keep thinking there must be an answer. For me that answer is not Prostap but everyone is different and for you it might work. I truly wish I could tell you this was the definitive answer but as I am quickly learning there is no such thing. I want to try the endo diet but at the moment I don't even have the energy to cook for myself so that is a bit of a non starter just now. I'm sorry not to be able to say more positive things.

Good luck and please ask any questions you have to your gynae. mine was really good and spent a lot of time answering questions that I had.



hi lab82,

thankyou so much for ur reply, we really sound like two peas in a pod! that is why this site is so fantastic........just when ur feeling down or alone u realise that ur not on ur own in this frustrating battle! I find showers a struggle, especially if I wash my hair n have to dry it after, I have to dedicate a whole evening or morning/afternoon cos it just wipes me out! and don't get me started on the cooking!!! my new fave is cous cous, just add boiling water, leave for 5mins and hey presto!!! plus its relatively easy to eat, anything that requires a fork AND a knife is saved for days when I have a bit more energy!! :(

I'm thinking of maybe trying acupuncture before prostap. the gyne was really keen for me to have the prostap injection, offering to do it there n then but I needed time to think, plus starting a new job I didn't want the extra stress of not knowing how I would cope. I so wish there was a cure or a pill we could take and they could tell us that all our problems would be sorted and no more pain and discomfort......how lovely would that be??!!??!!

that is brilliant that ur work is supportive of you and not having to worry about money initially must be a relief. how old ru, if u don't mind me asking? and do u have kids? I'm 35 and no kids but I'm hoping to be blessed sometime in the near future! xx


Hi Lubylu, absolutely this site is a godsend. There is always at least one other person experiencing the same as you. I am very lucky with my work. I know not everyone has that luxury and I honestly don't know how I would have coped if I'd had to go into work. I am 30 and no kids yet but like you hoping they will make an appearance at some point. Hope today has been a better day for you and feel free to pm me if you want. xx


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