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Endo and pcos

Hi I suffer from pcos and endometriosis, I was diagnosed around a year ago and had a laparoscopy to remove it however, I'm still in pain and suffering worse than ever. I've been in hospital 3 times during this year and just keep getting pushed pillar to post. I am starting to get really bad pains and suffering with constipation. Has anyone got any advice about how to move forward? My quality of life and work are really being affected. Thank you.

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Saw your post and had to reply.

I too have both endometriosis and PCOS. I had my last laparoscopy to remove endo in march of last year but since then( a year on) its worse than ever. I have continuous bladder and urinary problems, constpiation, pain, bloating, pelvic pain, stomach cramps, pain during sex and exteeme fatigue. I too have been in and out of hospitals with excessive bleeding, clots and flate-ups. I know what its like being pushed from pillar to post, forever getting referred to everyone. Waiting months and months just to even speak to anyone properly. It really does sound like youre having a really tough time- hopefully youll feel a little better soon. I really would suggest if you havent already- asking your gp to refer you to gynecology and maybe consider either scans incase its ovary related or maybe discuss having a laparoscopy. You shouldnt have to suffer. Its awful but to really get the help we should get ANYWAY we have to push and push and push just to get any answers.

Sending lots of love and hoping it all calms down a little for you!



Hi sorry you are feeling this way. Having endometriosis has affected my life as well but i have found some relief from endovan.You can read up on this at endovan.com/. Life will get better we just need to educate ourselfs on solutions. Take care.


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