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Constant and Unrelenting Pain

I woke up at 5:30am this morning in agony, which will be the third night in a row this has happened. Usually it's a wave and goes in 5-10 mins, well not this morning. I have passed a lot of clots since then, taken tranexamic acid, ibuprofen and paracetamol and have had to call in sick. I wasn't sure if I was going to vomit with the pain it's been so bad. I have been in tears, and I've only ever cried once before in my adult life through pain. If I stand, it's agony, I am sat with my legs tucked right up and still in pain, but much less than if I straighten out.

What is going on? I'm 27 and have had endo since 11, diagnosed since 23 and I can't recall anything like this ever. Pain is not unusual, but unrelenting and crippling pain is not the norm for me.

I don't know whether to call a doctor or just give it a few more hours to pass.

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Hi I'm really sorry you are such awful pain and suffering so much.

I know exactly what it is like amd how scary it is. I would give your GP a call and explain that your in serious pain and that is unrelenting and that you have thrown up and passing clots.

Good luck xxx


Hi, if it's that bad maybe you should go to A & E, at least you would get some suitably pain relief, do you think it could be something else, where is the pain??

Good luck, and I hope you get some relief soon


Hi - how was your endo diagnosed at 23? Have you had any surgery for it? If so, I presume it was by a general gynaecologist? There's a good chance you will have endo/adhesions pulling on your uterus and the pain can be excruciating when your uterus starts contracting at period time. It is also possible that you might have an endometrioma that has ruptured which will cause excruciating burning pain. Your symptoms should subside once the main bleed is over and your uterus stops contracting. Unfortunately when the pain is so bad there is usually no amount of pain killers will touch it so I should see if it eases first.

This can only get worse without proper treatment as endo is an ongoing worsening condition unless it is all removed. Have a look at my posts on endo and its symptoms and how to gain a referral to a specialist. You must be seen by a specialist in order to halt the progression and ensure it is all removed. When you feel up to it get your thoughts together and write a medical history of yourself detailing all your past and present symptoms and when they happen, and keep a diary from now on of your cycles and symptoms, taking the first day of bleeding as day one. Then go to your GP and get a referral to a specialist in endo. You really must.


Thank you for all your replies. Finally, 4 hours after the pain woke me, it subsided, and is under control now with painkillers so i have come into work.

I was diagnosed via laparoscopy and no surgery done at that time as there were only pinpoint lesions visible on the ligaments of my bladder. Since then I have been on the depo injection every 10 weeks, norethisterone and tranexamic acid. I am in my final year of a veterinary medicine course so I just want to graduate before I do anything drastic. If this is going to start happening though, I may be forced to go back to my consultant sooner.

My consultant is quite far away from where I live so I have been very fortunate to find someone else who suffers with endo locally and she is going to give me the details of a very good nearby consultant so I can go to my doctor, ask for referral to this closer consultant and see if there's anything else that can be done.

I know that this is progressive but was just hoping against hope it could stay under control for another few months until I graduate.


Good luck and it really doesn't have to be progressive with the right treatment. All the best with the vet course too. My son just started at the RVC!


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