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Prostap injection

Hi all ,

I am 23 I have endo and pcos and after having my first lap last year the pain returned and my gynecologist recommended Prostap injections I'm so sick of the pain that when he suggested having them there and then I agreed. He said that I would go through all of the menopause symptoms. That was last Tuesday and since then I have never felt so down. I can't stop crying I'm having hot flushes. Does it get any easier ? I was expecting the symptoms but not so soon. Anything sets me off and I feel as if it's changed me already. Has anyone felt like this ?

Thanks x

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It is horrendous for the first couple of months. After the third injection I wondered how I had lived without it!


Your GP should have prescribed you add-back HRT - hideous to tip you straight into chemically induced menopause!! Having said that I was prescribed Prostap - I had 3, the side effects of both injections and HRT made me feel they were definitely not worth it. My general gynae seemed at rather a loss what to suggest after that, so I switched to a specialist endo team at Bristol who are simply amazing and I'd highly recommend them to everyone. Endo is ALL they deal with. Btw I've since been told that Prostap is the least effective of all the available injections and that they don't work if you have deep infiltrating endo.

Hope that helps :/

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Hi - Prostap and other GnRH agonists as they are called are serious medications that act on your brain and can cause any number of side effects. But the worrying thing is that they can occur years afterwards. There are many litigation cases involving these drugs. They were intended as a treatment for oestrogen driven cancers but are now handed out freely by gynaecologists rather than addressing the endo itself. This drug can only halt minimal endo for a while but it will almost certainly return when you come off it. I would seriously consider stopping this if you can cope with endo pain until you get properly treated.

You are young and are in a position to get proper treatment early rather than having lots of interventions by unqualified general gynaecologists. Please see my post on how to access a specialist centre, which is your right.


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