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MRI scan tomorrow πŸ™„

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Good evening ladies ..

Going for a MRI scan tomorrow..with dye injection .

Has any ladies had one recently ..

Wondering how long it should last ..

Having one for my pelvic area ...a 6cm complex cyst found ..

Could be Endometriosis..if not unsure what will be found feeling

A bit nervous ..

Any replies much appreciated

Thankyou Tilly x

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Hi, I had one recently. The whole thing took about an hour. I think it was about 30 mins in the scanner.

They fill your bum (front and back) with jelly. It's a bit messy! Take a sanitary towel with you. They couldn't give me one and I oozed for some hours after. I had to go to work, which would have been fine, I just wasn't well prepared.

Hope it goes well.

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Thank you for your reply,

Better go buy some pads πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰..not had any periods for nearly 13yrs ..eek

Was hoping to go out for tea after ..

So I will take a pad 😊 .. x

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Good plan. It did seem odd that they couldn't supply me with one. Mind you the last time I was given an NHS pad it was like something from the 70s.

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How did it go?

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Hi ,

Very kind of you to ask..yes wasn't as bad as I thought..just went on A lot longer than I had anticipated that 1 hour ..

When I arrived went throu lots of questions ..then cannula done..dye in and in the tunnel was a moblie Mir scan .very small ...

But all went well just tried to keep calm..even tried a nana nap πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ ..but too noisy .. going back to see specialist for results 1st August..x x

How are you

I had an MRI in May, but without the contrast dye.

Mine lasted about 35-40 mins in total.

If you feel like you might be at all claustrophobic my advice would be to close your eyes while laid down before you go into the machine and throughout. I did this and it really helped, I didn't open my eyes until I was back out of the machine.


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Aw Thank you Janine ..

I will remember that too ..

Just don't no what to expect really ..

Hadn't had time to think it's all be so quick ..saw Specialists in a week ..then this mri week after ..

Tilly x

Take a relaxing cd with you to listen to the NHS choices are awful it'll help you stay relaxed for the hour.

Thankyou ladies ,

For all your replies very much appreciated.

The scan lasted 1 hour ...

I no I'm not the smallest of people ..but gosh it's very small in the tunnel πŸ˜… ..

No problems really ..just aching arms having to have them raised above my head for 1 hour ..

The dye just left me feeling quite warm arond the pelvic area..

A appointment was made there and then for the 1st August to see the specialist..for the results..

Just the waiting now ..

Thankyou Tilly x x

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