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How common is endo and andenomyosis? What were your symptoms and how were you diagnosed please

Woke up in pain again throughout the night, sick of been off work now but couldn't stand all day and feel so tired and drained all the time. Hips and pelvis really hurting all of the time tablets not doing anything back pain comes and goes. No appetite, constipated again. Hysteroscopy on the 16th hopefully give me some answers but what if it doesn't :(

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Hi hunny, I no how your feeling, I'm going through the same been in constant pain now for months, I've had all scan but not a hysteroscopy nothing has shown up anywhere, I've got a laporoscopy on the 21st and can't wait, if it's endo, they will cut any out,

If you have your hysteroscopy and nothing shows up, I would ask for a laporoscopy,

Good luck, let me no how you get on,


Yes I'm going to, are you off work too? How old are you? I think I should maybe ask for lap as well anyway? Where is your constant pain? It's scary that there's no rush with the NHS at all especially when they still don't know what's wrong with us!!!! I've had both ultrasounds showed nothing but fluid in uterus and thickend lining?

Hope you get some answers soon xx


I'm 39 got 3 sons, I had a couple of part time jobs gave one up, coz cleaning is to hard for me at min, and a mid day ass at my sons school, I started in September and that's when my pains come on more and more, then the docs found a kidney stone and put it all down to that, although all the docs where saying it was weird pain for kidney stones, so I lost that job coz time off, so now I'm at home, can't comit to anything atm, just resting, so bored, lol,

My pain is a constant ache in my pelvic area and then pains in pelvis groin back hips and down legs, and I'm so exhausted, even though I do about 10/20% of what I normally do, it's rediculous,


I have two sons too but had them when I was 16 and 19, I'm also 39 our symptoms are very similar I just haven't had pain in my legs....yet!!!

It's so frustrating I am supposed to be going on holiday for my 40th at the end of April but looks like I will have to cancel I can not do anything at the moment I'm so tired hurts to walk or stand but also hurts when laying flat it feels like someone is trying to push my hips apart. At least you lap with confirm endo or not a hysteroscopy won't do that will it? I'm beside myself now so scared of losing my job too. What area are you in? Are you taking any medication?? Xx


I'm in Leigh on sea essex, what about you, it's hard not being able to make plans, what do you do work wise, how are they being about it all, it's hard when you can't tell them what it is, has your gyne doc said anything about endo and adeno,

Mine said if it's endo he will cut out, if he suspects adeno, he will give me 6 months pros tap, and if symtoms are better he will offer a hysterectomy,

I'm on morphine solphat at the min, tramadol where keeping me up at night, so came off them, and nothing really works anyway, just takes the edge off, just feel achy and heavy from waist down, and coz we are not doing a lot I think we are making our muscle hurt more, I'm struggling to walk the dog, not so much while out but when back in,

It's all just crap, lol, and the big 40 coming up, mines in November, hopefully Ill be sorted by then, just put yours of till later in the year, have you booked hols,?..


Hiya Tboag I am a developer I have to stand up 8 hours a day I can not do my job and this is my 4th week off the pain in my hips and back was just too much. Work have been understanding up to now but like you say it's difficult as I can't tell them what is wrong with me never mind when I'll be back!!

I have had ultrasounds and examination by gynaecologist and bloods done but still worried sick that what if it's something more serious like cancer.

All the Gynae said was he couldn't feel anything wrong and said it all looked healthy but with the ultrasound coming back with fluid and thickend uterus he would like me to have a hysteroscopy and to ask my Dr to start some bowel investigations ( which she hasn't)

Then he just said if not it might be abit of endometriosis or something (as if that was no big deal and nothing to worry about)

I am taking co codamol every 4 hours but not touching the pain, I had a bad reaction to tramadol so can't take them. My belly is massive none of my clothes fit me, I've no appetite, constipated or diarrhea all of the time not been normal for 7 weeks. So tired all the time but I'm not doing anything to make me tired. I've no energy can't even be bothered to walk the dog! This is just not me. All I keep thinking is what could be going on inside to cause all this pain in my hips???!!

How long have you had to wait for lap from Dr asking for one? It's such a slow process isn't it. I would be happier to just have a full hysterectomy if it meant just feeling myself again it's like everything's on hold! Yes holiday booked for last day in April but I can't see how I will be out of pain by then.

I'm in Leeds by the way xx


Ask the doc to try morphine 12 hour release tabs, might work better than co codramal, they make me so constipated, I'm taking magnesium and selenium tabs and drinking ginger tea, none of which have mad a difference, but it's worth a try, I hear giving up certain foods can help but I'm no good on diets lol, anything that helps with anti inflammatory is good, there is a endo diet, online, or search on here, shame about your hols can you rearrange or loss money, where were you going and who with, I also want to go away with hubby this year so fingers crossed,


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