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Scheduled for first laparoscopy march 31st. What to expect?

Ok so I was diagnosed last year with a 4cm endometrioma on my left ovary which was 'probably' (consultants word) stuck in pouch of Douglas. Due to work providing private healthcare 👍 I arranged to see a new consultant who then put me onto zoladex.

During zoladex I had 2 scans and first one showed new endometrioma on right ovary and then second showed that both ovaries were now behind the uterus and stuck together, I think she called them kissing ovaries (?). So she gave me 4 months clear of zoladex to see if I would get pregnant (didn't happen 😔) so now we have scheduled lap for March 31st and she has asked to have 2 consultants present which I have to be honest freaked me out a little. So just wondering what everyone's experience with lap is like? She said that I'm staying over night and so far is all the info I have, but I have signed paperwork for them to be able to do whatever they consider necessary? Has anyone had lap take a long time the first time? I'm just so worried about what will happen, how long it will take and what I will feel like after. I'm aware these are probably how long is a piece of string questions but any advice will be greatly received.

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I'm having my lap on 21 St, my gyne doc seams to think my pains or endo or adenomyosis, I will post the day after lap, to let you no how it feels,

Good luck


Thank you so much. I'll post too once I'm done. Thinking of keeping a video diary.


Tboag have you had a hysteroscopy ? X



Is the person doing the lap as specialist in endometriosis or a regular gynaecologist? Endometriosis in the form of endometriomas and involving the Pouch of Douglas is stage 4 and should only be operated on in a specialist centre that would have a multidisciplinary team on hand as routine, to include a colorectal surgeon. This is recommended by the NHS itself in their NICE guidelines so a regular gynaecologist shouldn't even contemplate this surgery. The Pouch of Douglas or cul de sac are the usual names for the rectouterine pouch which is the deepest part of the peritoneal cavity, a hidden place between the back of the uterus and the bowel and surgery there is very complex. General gynaecologists will usually only 'de-roof' endometriomas there which means just taking the top off as they often consider it too dangerous to excise it all, for the simple reason that they are not skilled enough to do it and know their limitations. A highly skilled specialist will remove it all and it must all be removed if you are to avoid further complications in future.

I realise your surgery is scheduled to take place soon but I would urge you to do a bit of homework to establish whether you are being operated on by someone suitably skilled and experienced to do it. The fact that she wants other consultants present is worrying because, firstly, it suggests she already suspects your endometriosis to be complex and, secondly, in the sort of specialist centre that should be operating on you the other consultants would already be present as part of the team without having to be asked. Also you should never have been put on Zoladex as this has no effect on stage 4 disease. The fact that you have been freaked out also suggests you are worrying about the surgery and shouldn't be if it were being carried out by someone suitably skilled to do it.

Please have a look at my posts (just click on my user name) and read how to find an endometriosis specialist. You will see that there is a list of accredited centres approved by the BSGE who have to prove their expertise in exactly the sort of surgery you need in order to be placed on the list. Please do think very carefully before you have this surgery done by a general gynaecologist. The outcome will affect the rest of your life but it would be the simplest thing to turn things around now and get treated by a proper specialist.

If you do feel you would like this option I should take copies of the list to your GP and get him/her to call up the BSGE website on their computer whilst you are there. The opening feature on 'Endometriosis Centres' confirms that your stage of endo must only be treated in a specialist centre. You then need to click on 'BSGE accredited centres' for the full list.

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I haven't had a hys


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