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Medina coil. Help?

Hi I'm after some advice (to put my mind at rest) I had laser treatment for endo 2 years ago and cysts removed off ovaries a few times. I had my baby a year ago and after breastfeeding for 6 months i started bleeding every two weeks (heavy/painful) was advised to get merina coil. Which iv now had for 5 weeks. Since insertion iv had non stop pink/red discharge everyday. And had a normal period for 3 days. Now im bleeding heavy again. On day 5 now. With cramps and big clots. Is this normal????? Thanks. Xx

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I had the same.. i went docs and was given tranexamic... This has stopped all bleeding and pains.x


One of the reasons I am reluctant to try the mirena is that it apparently can take up to 6 months to settle down! I would give the Dr who implanted it a ring and just check its all ok tbh

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