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Ultrasound all clear, now what?

Hi everyone,

I have just had my ultrasound to see what is causing me excruciating pain when I ovulate and painful heavy periods. I suffered a ruptured cyst on my right ovary in June last year and the pain has got worse and worse since then. After googling I suspected I may have endo. The sonographer confirmed that my ovaries look normal, there are no cysts and my womb also looks normal - now what? Is that endo ruled out and may I have something else?

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Hello Katie, I believe that the only definitive way to diagnose endo is a lapararoscopy, I was diagnosed with eno following this op despite previous scans diagnosing polycystic ovaries. Have you seen a gynaecologist? If not it may be worth seeing if your gp will refer you. Good luck xxx


Hi ellehcimiow, I have an appointment to see my GP on Friday afternoon. As silly as it sounds I was hoping something would come up on the scan then it could be treated and I could do something about the pain. We will just have to see what the doctors say but it is so frustrating! xxx


I had an ultra sound last October when I was admitted to hospital because of excruciating pain. Although I have a history of endo they told me everything was fine, and my ovaries and womb looked normal. Fast forward to feb and I had a laparoscopy (my 7th) and it turned out my ovaries were fused to my pelvic wall with endo and adhesions. So personally I have no faith in what an ultrasound can show. I knew how much pain I was in and it felt like they didn't believe me because the scan showed nothing. I would definitely push for an appointment with a gynae for further investigation. Good luck x


The ladies are right endo wouldn't show on a scan because the tissue is too fine (I believe). I've had a million and one scans over the years, all of which showed no endo. The last being only 6 weeks ago and I had a very similar op to the lady above and my ovary was stuck to my stomach cavavity and has spots of endo and adhesions xx hope u get the appointments and help u need x


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