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bit worried advice please

I have the mirena coil and had it for alomst a year I do monthly checks to see if I can still feel the coil strings I got abit worried this week as I couldnt feel them so I went to my doctors this morning and they had a look and my strings have disappeared I have to go back to my doctors next week for them to refer me to have a scan to see if the coil is still in place has anyone else had this before the past few days ive been in alot of pain I was thinking it was my endo but now looking at it im thinking it could be the coil has dislodged itself just worried as it could cause damage and ive having to wait to go to the doctors for another week and also id have to wait foe an ultrasound scan im also scared that its gna make my relationship go down because im not allowed sex until they have sorted this advice please...

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God that must be very worrying for you. I'm on my 3rd coil and have never had an issue like that. I have never used mines for contraception so I never check the threads.

I don't understand why you have to wait a week before they will refer you for a scan? Perhaps they don't think it's serious?

I'm sure you would still be able to have sex if it's not painful using another type of contraception.


Why do you gave to wait a week, to see doctor, why didn't he refer you today for a scan, If your worried go A&E.



I have to wait a week because thats when the next available appointment is I cant have sex until the coil has been sorted out as they dont want it to be worse then what it is im not on it for contraception either im on it for my endo but past few days pain has been worse so not sure if its cause the coil Im really worried but a&e dont do anything for me probably fed up of seeing my face lol xxx


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