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advice please :-(

im in alot of pain this evening due to endo had an op 5 weeks ago to remove cysts of my left ovarie and to remove some endo that they could see the tablets im on dont seem to be shifting this horrific pain today I cant seem to do anything to make it better it also kills when I move etc..is there anything else I can try to ease the pain off a little bit? ive had endo for 4 years now im only 20 and I dont have no social life due to the amount of pain im always in all I keep getting told by the hospital is to try for a baby but im not ready or stable enough for one yet I want one when im ready I dont want one just because of my health advice please :-( xx

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Oh gosh, it is awful that you are in so much pain. are you able to get to your GP tomorrow, they could perhaps give you something else to try. I know that doesn't help tonight. What are you taking? Hot water bottle? Warm bath, I know it hurts when you move but might help a little? X


Hi there, you are doing the right thing by not listening to the hospital about having a baby, unfortunately having a baby can only help whilst pregnant, but often all the symtoms can come back, and at your age and not being settled enough would be hard enough without endo symptoms,

Have you tried the marina coil, I've heard lots of good things on here about it,

Hope you feel better soon, xxx


Hey hope you feel better soon just to pick up on someone elses reply regarding marina coil please speak to a specailist although this can help with endo but because you have had cyst (like myself) it is not recommended as research has shown it can cause cysts. I was before each of my ops for endo recommend the marina cole and on my last op I nearly said ok until the top specialist consultant came to ask what treatment recommendations had been made for me and he asked me about my history as soon as I mentioned cysts on my ovary he said the marina cole was a big no no because could cause more cysts. With only one ovary left with a history of cysts on the ovary I have left I was glad he came to see me that day!


thanks for replying ladies I am due to go to my doctors tomorrow ive been on loads of medication the past four years at the moment they sent me away with oral morphine I have been moving about etc..due to going to work but could literally cry with the pain at the minute I have the mirena coil and have done for nearly a year this was my 4 op in 4 years due to cysts on my ovaries but my body has decided it would like to hide my coil so I cant find the strings so gotta get it checked out tomorrow (pain could be caused from the coil being dislodged) I havent been in as much pain with the coil I admit as I was being admitted to hospital every month before I had it fitted but since having it when I do get my pains I get them twice as worse but only being admitted atleast 2-3 times a year which is alot better then every month so its gotta be doing something this pain seems alot different this time tho Its still in my left side where it normally is but I also have really bad achy left leg high temperature and really emotional with it all I definitely dont want kids yet as im not stable enough to look after myself let alone a little one they did say if I had a baby and my endo was still the same or worse after they would do a hysterectomy but I shouldnt have to be thinking about the at the age of 20 really its very hard/emotional I just had a bath and got a hot water bottle which seems to bw the story of my life atm I seem to be doing this atleast 3 times a day to try and help with pain etc xxx


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