Referral delay :(

Just called the hospital to find out what was happening with my referral as it's been 11 weeks since I received the initial letter which said they would aim to see me within 12 weeks. I was advised that there is a backlog of appointments and I wouldn't be seen within the 12 weeks. No idea when I will be seen, feeling very low. Why didn't I go private regretting that decision now :(

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  • Just having this conversation with myself now, before I go beg my GP to please refer me... should I just not bother and go private?!

    I'm so sorry you're having to wait. This is terrible. xx

  • Getting my 1st lap in 2011 was a breeze. I've been fighting for the last 2 years to try and get something done it's been a nightmare. I'd say if you can afford private go for it you would be saving yourself a lot of time and grief. I wish I had. I think you still need a gp referral to go private x

  • Hope you get seen soon, you still need a GP referral to go private but you still could even with your nhs referral still happening x

  • I had a lap and dye, referred to specialist hospital, waited 4 months into what should be. 6 moNth wait, found out I wasn't on the list! They put me on then and didn't back track! Seen a week later surgery 4 months later....they rushed my chat and didn't do I have to go back in another 5 months as surgeon has leave booked and others to see. And this is all from me complaining verbally and by letter, all politely! Can't see how an official complaint would help as pissing off the guy who'll mess with my insides seems daft! Nhs does not rush! I should have gone private 9 months ago....but then we're only just getting to the top of getting ivf list so I would probably have more scarring again getting in the way. Getting there slowly but it's soul destroying. Keep sane, keep it all in perspective, keep pestering so the secretary is still nice to you but wants rid of you. My best chats have been with a sweet chap in gynae admissions, he checks the lists and books for me and gives me tips! Good luck!

  • I had the same problem. I phoned my nearest private hospital got an app on Monday. The consultant advised he will request my GP to refer me to his surgery which is NHS discussed a lap said he has a small waiting list get an app out. I received an app yesterday from NHS for 6/6/2015 that was just to see the gyno. Got the NHS app due to my mother on the phone or I would still be waiting. I would definitely recommend a private consultation worth every penny...

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