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Fatigue following exercise with endo

Hi Ladies, since Christmas I have constantly been unwell, firstly had bronchitis for 6 weeks then had an endo flare up after some cameras / biopsies at the hospital. Every time I try to get back to the gym, even for a light workout I end up feeling awful afterwards and the next day almost feeling flu like symptoms. Does anyone else struggle with exercise and endo? Fatigue following exercise? Any advice on how to maintain a healthy level of exercise whilst living with endo?

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Hi, I have had to really reduce the impact exercise I do for the same reasons. I pushed it and pushed it for so long as I didn't want to believe I couldn't do hard exercise, but it did me no good. So I do gentler exercise now, regularly. Even if just walking/jogging, yoga. I'd sometimes just have to go to bed after exercise before. Key for me was regular & not too long. Then I was able to gradually increase the impact.

Good luck


Maybe you could try more gentle exercise like yoga?

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Thanks Ladies, I struggle to keep weight off without doing cardiovascular exercise. I think I will sign up to beginners Yoga and give that a try :)


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