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What should i expect from endo surgery??

Hi ladies, i have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after being in pain for over 3 years. I had a laparoscopy in December to remove the endo and investigate but the surgeon said it was too excessive and i would have to be referred on to a more skilled endo surgeon. They didn't explain what the next stage was or how long the next surgery would be. They did insert a mirena coil, which hey said would help but following the laparoscopy i bled for 3 weeks then have had bleeding and pain every other day and when i am having sex with my husband when i orgasm i have the most horrendous stabbing pain in my side??? Just curious to see if anyone else has had the same symptoms and if you could advise me on what happens at the next surgery??? Thank you xxxx

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Hi there, the mirena coil does this to some women however for others it's a life saver, perhaps you need to have it taken out as it may not be agreeing with you, you should definatley talk to your gp about it as you can get infections ect. The next surgery probably won't be much different from the first, however I would assume that you may be more uncomfortable after, and if you need other bits and pieces taken away such as tubes ect , hopefully this isn't the case! So it may take a little longer, just incase you weren't sure you don't have to have the coil fitted during your surgery especially if your body isn't on track with it, good luck with everything x


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