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This is my first post so please bear with me as I might ramble lol. I'm 33 and waiting for my first laracoscopy ( think that's how u spell it). I have been trying for a baby for over 6 years now finally seen a specialist last month and he is sure I have endremitiodis I have chronic pain during sex and after sex to the point I curl up in the fetal potion crying for upto an hour. I also got diagnosed with ibs (which I don't think I do) the ibs symptoms started after I had 3 child 12 years ago. I also have hair growing on my chin and the side of my face. I have also had abnormal cells removed by lazer treatment and i read that havin that procedure done can cause infertility not sure if this is true. When I had an examination the gyn Doctor said I had a lot of scar tissue. Im so scared of what they will find when I have the procedure. I hope this post made some sense lol

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  • Hi Kirsty, it does sound like Endo and the 'IBS' could be Endo on the bowel. You don't have to have a diagnosis to be referred to a specialist centre. Google Endo specialist uk and find your nearest. You will find lots of support on here. Good luck. X

  • Thank u I will have a look now x

  • Hi, your first lap will give you an answer if you have endo or not. A lot of IBS and endo symptoms are the same- I was told I had IBS but I have endo. Hope you get some answers xx

  • It's jst a waiting game I hate how they make u wait for so long got told I have to wait 9 months for an appointment. Xx

  • Good luck Hun no it's easier said than done though try not to worry, worrying I find makes my pain worse and I end up overthinking everything Hun, and it makes me feel worse sorry if I'm rambling I'm again unable to sleep so tired and sore and read your post know exactly how your feeling so didn't like to read and run xxxx

  • Awww thank u hun for replying means a lot xx

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