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What now?

Hi all, was wondering if anyone could help, I had a laparoscopy done last week, they said they have removed the endo. I'm stil getting pain, probably my body healing! They didn't discuss much with me they basically shoved a load of pictures in my face when I'd just woken up it was terrible.. They didn't say anything about what to do now just sent me home with painkillers.. Am I meant to be going on the pill or some other form of contraception? Would anyone suggest me talking to my gp about this as I don't have a follow up appointment with My gynaecologist for 6 weeks? Thanks x

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Ring your consultants Secretary they won't mind this happens all time some people remember NOTHING of the conversation xxx

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As per blondielocks give his secretary a call although it's good that you've got a follow up appointment so quickly (probably to discuss what they found and what your options are). I know it's easier said than done but try to just focus on healing and recovering for now - hard when you've been told you've got a sh*tty illness and not much else! In a couple of weeks time have a read up about treatments (what birth control pills have you already tried? coil? depo jabs?) and what changes you can make to your lifestyle that might help (diet, gentle exercise - taking care of yourself as much as possible). Try not to freak yourself out with google either (probably too late for that one!) xxx


Thank you both, ive left a message with the secretary to call me back. I think im jumping ahead of myself trying to control it as much as possible! It's not been long since my lap so I should focus on getting better first.. I've been on the pill for 7 years but Ive only just recently been diagnosed, my pain started when I came off the pill back in August so maybe I should try going back on it I didn't have any pain before. I've been reading a book about the diet to follow but it's quite depressing seeing as it means cutting out every food I like! Maybe I don't need to go to such extremes but i am definitely eating healthier and I will start exercising as soon as I can xx ur right about Google ive driven myself mad with it already!


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