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Brown blood and zoladex

Hi ladies

i had my 3rd zoladex injection on thursday, and when i woke up on friday I was bleeding, not a massive amount but not spotting either, the blood was a fresh red colour then but now today I have brown blood like at the end of a period, i feel completely wiped out and drained and have slept most of the day.

Has anyone else had this? I have only bled in the first week of zoladex and not experienced anymore since so thought that was the end of the bleeding now until the injections were over.

Thanks in advance


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Woke up today no blood but now really bad pain in my left lower back, where I usually get the pain when not on zoladex.. So far injection has helped me be pain free, thought the third month would be the better month as everything settling down now but seems to have made pain come back.. Anyone else had this?? Xx


Hi there

I've been on zoladex now for over 18 months and have been completely pain free

Until a couple of months ago where endo has got so bad I'm having breakthrough pain but no periods

I doesn't sound as if you have been on zoladex that long would be surprised if it was breakthrough pain ,do you have any urine symptoms like an infection because this can cause a flammitory response and give what feels like endo pain .

maybe a trip to gp is in order for a chat .

I only mentioned urine infection because I went through a time where I was plagued with them whilst on zoladex just thought it may be worth thinking about

Really hope your pain subsides and you get a few answers


Thanks for your reply, i dont feel like i have a urine infection, which makes a nice change because i usually suffer with them ever 8-10 weeks, and its odd for me to have the brown blood with a urine infection but il take a sample to the doctors to get checked just incase as im feeling pretty wiped out today and back pain is irritating because ive enjoyed the last two months so much being able to stand and walk without my back feeling like someones got their fist pushed into my kidneys... Theres really no point in me having the injections if the pains going to come back.

Yeah i didnt think id have any bleeding now until like three months after i stopped having the zoladex..

Thanks muchly! Xxx


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