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Help with pain!

Hi I have been suffering from endo all of my life since I started my period! About 2/3 years ago I started getting agonising pain when I wasn't even close to my period, I came here and found that cutting dairy and gluten can help reduce the pain as I hated how many tramadol I was being told to take and had to go to hospital so I could have morphine. Has anyone got any help or advice that may help this pain as I have it again and can hardly walk or stand it's ruining my life! I'm 22 and hoping to be in agriculture but I can't have this getting in the way any longer

Thanks in advance x

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Ive been given this advice in the past I'm now oral morph so I'm still bad when I take that I have to go to hospital I was in New Years day to get pain relief,


Hi, in Amys case she now takes slow release morphine twice daily, and has oramorph for breakthrough pain, one thing we have found helps is a good quality massage / reflexology from a professional once a week really helps reduce the pain (although makes her all woozy for the first few hours after) Diet helps, and reducing gluten does work, but its so hard to stick to and we are sometimes unsure of the difference it makes.

She has also used some of Paul Mckennas self hypnosis audio books when she is going to sleep as she finds it really hard to sleep.

Amy pretty much struggles with pain daily, and although she tricycles yasmin to control her periods, when she does have a break it really flares up badly and we are yet to find a solution that makes a massive difference.

hope you feel better soon and you find something that helps.

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Hey, I so sorry you are suffering so badly with pain. I can relate so well. Have you cut out wheat or gluten from your diet yet?


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