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Endo centre

Hi everyone

I am currently under the endo acredited centre in cornwall I will be moving up country to Oxford in the near future and I noticed that Oxford were acredited centre and were listed on the Website of BSCGe just before christmasI've jut looked again and they are not listed anymore

Does anyone else go there and know if it still accredited??

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Hi, I understand that u are under the endo centre in cornwall could you let tell me whereabouts this is please and how do u get referred.

Many thanks


hi There

yes the endo centre is at the Royal cornwall and I was referred there by my gp

I had at that point already been diagnosed with endo

Best of luck


Hi mablesky,

That is odd. Perhaps you could contact BSCG and ask them why.

The centre can be found here ouh.nhs.uk/services/referra... but whether it is still an accredited centre is the question.

I will PM you some more details on specialists in Oxford as we are not permitted to name/recommend specialists online.

Do bear in mind that London is very accessible from Oxford and there are plenty of endo specialists in London. I commute to see my specialist. Takes about 1hr30mins each way and I don't think anything of it.

I'm sure you'll find someone good to help you.


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