Which endo specialist centre do people recommend? Anyone been to Oxford or Truro? Trying to decide where to go please x

Hi everyone, I am still researching and deciding which specialist centre to go to and would value your opinions please. I am in the midlands but have decided I am willing to travel to see the best specialist possible. I am particularly interested in Oxford(not a specialist centre but apparently quite good?) Wirral, Bristol, Truro.I think a lot of women would find this info useful, thanks.

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  • Hi. I've had several treatments at the JR in oxford and yes it is excellent. But my trouble was getting home after treatments was just too painful.

    I now go to Arrowe Park on the wirrall which is also excellent. Plus for me is closer to home. Although like you I want a centre of excellence, travelling home after treatment became an issue so this is something you might need to consider.

    Good luck with your search and future treatments. (I'm in the middle of stuff right now and it is not as we hoped it would be!!!)

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, having had 3 laps before I am really worried about the journey home but I don't feel I have a choice any more. I have chronic pelvic pain which is looking like it might be unrelated to the endo so also need good pain management specialist which I understand the specialist clinics have. My current pain management specialist has only seen 3 people with chronic pelvic pain including me. I am getting desperate and really can't believe there is nowhere closer that can,provide what people need! X

  • Hi, I was treated for endo and fertility at Oxford John Radcliffe by Enda McVeigh and he is excellent. He's a well respected leader in his field and I would thoroughly recommend him.

    Over the years i've had a few laparoscopies performed by Enda McVeigh and his colleague Tim Child which were expertly performed. Two of the laps were bowel reconstructions (due to endo in my bowel) performed jointly at Oxford by colorectal surgeon, Ian Lindsay and Enda McVeigh. The way these bowel ops were performed was so leading edge (6 years ago now) that when i went to another hospital for a check up 2 years later doctors there couldn't that the op had been performed laparoscopically. I've now moved away from the area and havent seen a gynae locally yet but I'd always consider going back to Oxford for treatment.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thanks for the reply. I have been looking at Oxford and it sounds very good, I also have chronic pelvic pain and so I am thinking a specialist centre would be better as they have pain management as part of their team, just dreading the travelling x

  • I was under Tim Child at Oxford for several years and he's the best gynae I've ever had - not only an excellent surgeon but caring and genuinely involves you in the decision making. Not only that, but when having surgery everything was done so well - I was always admitted for a bowel prep, always given adequate pain relief despite my morphine tolerance, the nurses were excellent, etc. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

  • I had Natalia Price last June. She was amazing and I would thoroughly reccommend her.

  • Hi.I have had all my various treatments at Truro.I was very happy with everything and the after care is also fantastic.

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